Sunday, October 30, 2016

Beautiful Fall Weekend

We interrupt the bathroom remodel posts to show you a walk-around on the property this weekend.  It was such a beautiful weekend, we spent most of it working around the property.. but what is new?  Our garden is now cleaned out... thanks to a few of Steve's workers!  Yes, that is how busy we've been!

Roses are still blooming.. what is left of them

Last Fall.. I got some mums from my Mum.... and boy did they grow!  Do you remember these Mom?  Did you realize they would get this big?  Or... maybe I hadn't realized how large they get!

The mums started to overtake other plants and even bushes in front of them.. I even had a ceramic pot with flowers on the ground and you couldn't even see it!  Finally, I had to pull them up this weekend and use wire stakes to prop them up!

The mums are probably about 5' high and just as wide!  Full of blooms!  They are a peach-rust color.. actually quite pretty, but the camera didn't capture them that well.

A better picture of the "crazy mums"

The ferns we had hanging on the front porch still looked pretty good ... even had 2 bird nests in them!  I didn't have the heart to throw them away.. so I hooked them on the garden fence until it's time to dump them in the woods.

The colors are just so pretty right now.. every shade of yellow, green, pink, orange.. and everything in between.

It's not the best looking landscape in front of the garden, but I had to prop up the "crazy mums"!  Hey.. there is the ceramic urn I've been missing for the last 6 weeks!  ha ha
Next on the topic of "crazy" plants is this clematis!  It appears to have a million little blooms on it again.. so we'll see what happens!  Look at all these little stems!

This clematis was at the ground level this Spring.  We also need to put more wire fence up for it to continue growing.. because it started to flop over on one side.  It grows on the outside garden wall.

This clematis grows so well it looks more like an ivy from the distance (below).  The part of the clematis that is flopping over is to the right of the clematis.. it is flowing down on the evergreen bush beneath it because our wire didn't go all the way to the top of this garden wall.  Yes, this will be corrected next Spring.

One of just a few remaining Dahlias

In our backyard looking to the East

Another clematis.. just a couple more blooms before the freezing temperatures hit.  This is on the lattice that we put up on the front of the garden shed a few years back.

A few more Honeysuckle flowers too on the same garden shed lattice.

Here are the Mountain Fire Japanese shrubs that we bought and planted this Spring.  They've done extremely well... and can't wait to see how much they'll grow next year.  They are healthy and have pretty little orange/red things.. kind of between a berry and a flower on them right now.  They stay green all year.. even in the winter.

Another urn that was supposed to be cleaned out this weekend.. but everything was showing color in the warm sun so I've let it go a little longer!

Laundered the seat cushions of our patio furniture and it's almost ready for winter.  We still need to put away some of our accessories for the winter (and cover the furniture).

We are thoroughly enjoying our driveway pillars... I love to decorate them for the season.  We have "up lights" in the ground that are solar-powered and really like them too.  It's nice going down such a dark country road and having the pillars lit up!

Next... should have some final pictures of our bathroom soon.  We are still waiting on a few items like door fronts to some drawers (incorrect ones were sent to us) and to decide on towel and toilet paper hardware.  Who'd have thought that would be the hardest part!?

Friday, September 23, 2016

Almost Done!

Seems like months ago when we started this project, but it's really close to being done!  Not being able to use the only bathroom on the main level is quite an inconvenience.  In addition, Steve's closet is off the bathroom too.. so his clothes have been kind of all over.  Being as busy as we are, we tend to not always have the time (or energy) to put our clothes away ..... and when they don't have a closet, well.. it gets pretty disorganized.  Not to mention, having workers at the house all day (starting by 7:30am) has been getting "old".  The guys have been great.. but still not easy when you're trying to take care of animals, planning dinner, taking shower and getting ready for busy day at office or appointments, as well as a million other things busy people have in their schedules.   Then, just when you think you're ready to "hit the road"... you hear, "Jan, Jan..?  Do you have a second?  Just have a couple questions..." And they're usually questions that normally I would require 24 hours to "think about it", but I didn't have that luxury very much this time.

So the completion of this remodel couldn't be more welcome!
Mirrors are propped up against the wall for now; we also do not have lightbulbs in all the lights (only the middle light on each side) and no hardware on drawers yet.  Speaking of drawers, the 4 pull-out drawer fronts will be different.. mistake by the "cabinet company".   And.. we're not crazy about the trim that was put on the side of the cabinet.. something will change there.  
The counter top here was also not the correct size when it arrived.. so we wait for a new counter top before finishing this side.  The new pocket door will be painted the same color as the walls (Vanilla Milkshake, Benjamin Moore), and the mirror will be very handy (it still has the protective plastic coating on it right now).  
Have I mentioned we needed more storage?  Oh my... I have tons of storage in these cabinets!!

We are in love with our shower!  It is such an improvement over what was there before.. and twice as big!  No more hitting elbows.. and much easier to clean.
We are still waiting for the glass "half wall" to go in the shower.  We wanted a "beaded" glass but it wasn't available in tempered, so we ordered the "rain glass".  

The bathroom now needs paint touch-ups and all the trim and doors painted.  Our new bathroom is 90% complete.  Then, some bath rugs and towel racks to soften it up.  Also looking at different blinds for this window.. maybe..

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Bathroom Update

We've been back from our Newfoundland trip for almost a week.  It was a good week for the bathroom contractors to not show up at the house since we really needed to get caught up on things!

Here is what our bathroom looked like when we came home from vacation.  The tile work is mostly completed (except the grout.. which I had to select the color after returning from vacation).

The shower looks a little more "brown/tan" in this photo, but it matches the floor tile perfectly.  The floor tile in the shower is the same as the rest of the floor, just the smaller 2x2 size.  

I've now selected the paint color for the wall (Benjamin Moore's "Vanilla Milkshake").  It's a white/ivory color which compliments the flooring and cabinet color.  

BM Vanilla Milkshake
Bathroom painted with Vanilla Milkshake on the walls

The vanity lights selected are from Menard's.  We'll have two sets of these vanity lights (1 over each sink).  

Vanity lights that have brushed nickel hardware which will match the faucets.  The glass globes are made of a clear textured glass

This might be a better photo of the glass globe.

The faucets are from Lowe's.. the brand is Delta and the style is Valdosta.

Delta Valdosta sink faucets

We have already started painting the bathroom and should be ready for cabinets to be installed on Tuesday (they are getting delivered on Monday).  The mirrors will be basic flat beveled mirrors.. at least that is what I'm thinking at this point!  It's starting to come together!  Still have to choose little things like towel bars and cabinet pulls.  

We'll be so glad when it's finished.. and Steve will get his closet back again!  We can see light at the end of the tunnel.