Monday, June 22, 2015

Unveiling...the Finished Deck/Patio

Our back deck/patio is finally finished!  We enjoy our new Natural Light Patio Cover like you wouldn't believe!  We spend so much time out there ... it really has allowed us to relax a little more in the warmer months and take a break from the many chores and projects that are always happening around here!

Sometimes we even feel guilty for the luxurious comfort we experience underneath our Natural Light Patio Cover and on our very comfortable resin wicker patio furniture.  And sometimes when you're out there relaxing with a book or magazine... you fall asleep.   Shhhhhhh....... don't tell anyone!

Another GREAT element that we've added to our patio cover are curtains.  We had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to install them without damaging the structure too much.  Well, after an online search, we found the perfect solution... curtain channel tracks.  We found them at  They were light-weight, came quickly and we a breeze to install.  And best of all... they are so professional looking!  We LOVE them!

And for someone that likes to change things up frequently, they are wonderful because they allow me to easily "unclip" and "clip" new curtains up in no time!  I have two sets of curtains... one is of mosquito netting (shown in these photos) and the other curtains are made of paint drop clothes.. yup, that's right.  They have a nice soft vintage feel to them,... and add a nice touch of rustic and casual elegance to the deck.  Both sets of curtains were very inexpensive.  They are the first sets.. so I may upgrade to "Sunbrella Fabric" curtains in the future (homemade of course).. but I don't see that happening anytime too soon.

In the meantime, we'll continue to enjoy the heck out of this new patio.
Pass the lemonade please.....

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Beautiful Evening Walk

It was another humid day today, but this evening was another story.  It cooled off and there was a light breeze.. the humidity was almost all gone.  So, I grabbed the camera, my dog, and went for a little walk to snap some pictures.  C'mon along.. I'll show you a few things.

Planted on the West side of house
My lillies are starting to show their colors!  I got these lillies last summer on Craig's List.  They weren't much to look at then because it wasn't a good time to transplant them, but this year they're doing great!

Planted on the West side of house
The lillies that get the most sun (facing West) have more open flowers.  The ones planted in a bed facing North are getting ready to bloom (see below).
Planted on North side of fenced garden

My roses are doing particularly well this year.. well, most of them.  These beautiful fuschia/red roses face North and are planted in front of the fenced garden.

Not only are the roses doing well, but all clematis' are doing very good this year too.  In the background of this photo is a clematis that has been there for quite some time.  In past years, I thought it was practically dead.. much of it brown.  This year is another story.  

Even my newest members of the clematis family are doing well this year.  This purple Jackmanii is blooming.  It's not big, but it's very young!

Planted on back of garage facing South

Think I'm going to need a taller stake for the clematis.
This clematis was also planted late last year.  It's also doing well and faces the West.  It's planted on the West side of our old hay barn.  

There is always pictures of our beautiful animals as well.  Here is Maggie May enjoying a good back scratch in the grass.  Notice those beautiful pillars in the background!  We're still waiting for both plaques that will be attached in the front of the pillars.

Horses enjoying grass while the "farm hand" mows the pasture grass down in the background (oh boy.. does he LOVE that tractor!).  He's a great farm hand! 

Here is a view of our pasture from the South end, facing North.  A view you don't get to see often. That great "farm hand" always cuts the grass around the pasture, giving us a nice place to walk.

Our Beautiful Sophie

The "farm hand" cleaning the horse stalls... isn't he cute?!  
Well, thanks for coming on our walk with us tonight.  Maggie & I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Garden Shed on a Foggy Morning

Yesterday morning as I walked out to the barn for chores, I was taken back by the subtle beauty of fog.  The last couple of days has been quite steamy.. warm, but very rainy and humid (my least favorite weather I do believe).  However, the plants love it.

The fog softened all of nature.  Our little garden shed is well on its way to being covered in Clematis and Honeysuckle.  It's starting to take off and believe in the next few years the majority of the front will be covered.  

The butterflies and hummingbirds are in abundance around here.. and all are quite happy.

There are so many buds on the Clematis vines.. it's going to be beautiful!  Waiting for a show! Speaking of Clematis vines, the other day I walked around our property and had counted 11 different Clematis'.  Yes, I do love them!