Monday, July 21, 2014

Our "Not So Hot" Deck

The South-facing deck which we added on to this old house is a very nice, large space.  It always has beautiful sun shining down on it, which made the flooring so hot you literally couldn't walk on it barefoot in the summer!  So.. then what is the use of having this great deck if you can't use it?!

But.. our back deck is "not so hot" anymore... thanks to our new Natural Light Patio Cover.  The day that the installers and patio arrived was a very dreary day.. not only weather-wise, but I had to attend a funeral on the other side of the state.  So, the pictures were taken by my hubby who did not attend the funeral. While the day was long and tiring for me, it was nice to come home to our new patio cover!

The Natural Light Patio Covers filter the sun's harsh rays to create a soft, even glow underneath the cover.  It is made with Acrylite Acrylic, the most "weatherable polymer" on the market which keeps the space dry and blocks out up to 75% of the sun's heat (it really does this)!

We absolutely LOVE the patio cover!!  It is amazing how comfortable it is sitting underneath it when it's very hot outside!  Maybe even more comfortable than I thought it would be.

We are debating if we want to enclose the patio cover to make a 3-season porch... but frankly, it's so nice and open & airy the way it is now.  We will think about it... but the nice thing, is you have options.  There are many varieties of this patio cover and so much you can do with it (just check out the website at

For now, we are enjoying it each and every time we sit outside.

Now.. it's time for some different patio furniture and decorating it.  A nice cozy conversation seating area is what I'm picturing, but that will come later.  Have you priced outdoor furniture lately?  Oh my... some of it is more expensive than leather furniture you'd get for your living room!  Talk about sticker shock!  So our brand new "deck reveal" will have to wait.. for a bit longer until I can find the right seating arrangement (at the right price, of course).

But until the day comes when we can get our new or different patio furniture, we'll enjoy it how it is with our old furniture.

We (well, the hubby!!) are also in the process of scraping and repainting all of the deck posts too.  You probably noticed how bad they look in the pictures?  Much of the paint was chipped away and peeling from a hail storm we had this Spring.. and hubby has been "chipping away" at the project.  I look forward to when I can take pictures of the entire new back deck... all "decked out" !

Friday, June 6, 2014

Little French Table

This little table was a buy at an estate sale a few years ago.  It was just so cute.. but I didn't know what I'd do with it.  Well, I finally painted it white this winter with the homemade chalk paint recipe and then applied a French graphic.  It now resides in the North-facing bedroom bay window sill with some African violets on it.

What would you do with this little table??  


Three years after planting our Wisteria... we have blooms!

For the last few weeks, we've had a Dove nest in the Wisteria.  Each time we would come out of the slider onto the deck, we would look up and see the adult Dove bird just sitting on the nest... so cute.  And they did not make any kind of "bird mess" which was awfully polite of them.

But today.... oh glorious day..... today was different.  I looked up and saw a hint of purple!  What!?!?  Purple?!?!  Could it be???  YES!  Wisteria was starting on the arbor Steve made (and then we planted the Wisteria on the West side of the house) three years ago!  The arbor faces the South and gets lots and lots of sunlight and that is what the Wisteria loves and thrives in!

The Wisteria is starting to get fuller.. and hopefully within a couple years, it should reach all the way across the arbor to the other side.  I have a picturesque arbor in my head, with Wisteria hanging down between the wooden slots like low hanging fruit.  It's getting there....!