Sunday, May 13, 2018

Three-Season Room

While we love our animals and kitties around the house, we don't necessarily like them laying on the deck furniture because it's soon covered in cat hair and puke.  Last summer, we decided to keep the deck furniture covered up and "just remove the covers when you wanted to sit there, and then put them back on when you're done".  Well, you can imagine how that worked out.. we hardly ever used the back deck!  So, we took the plunge this Spring and decided to enclose it and make it into a 3-Season Room.  It's something we've thought about ever since we had the cover installed, but we really liked the open feel of it. 

Now that it's done, we do love it.  While it was an investment, we'll surely get more use out of the deck as we can use it late into the Fall and early Spring... and even in a rain storm.. how neat would that be?

The room is screened in and also has glass windows that you can slide from right to left to open. The glass windows are also very easy to take out which we'll probably do for the summer months once Mother Nature decides that the warm weather is here to stay longer than just a day or two.    

This week a goal is to get the deck decorated for the summer.  It's all cleaned, including the cushions and windows, but no plants or other decorations are up yet.  And for that matter, no plants are in our urns or driveway planters yet either.  It's been a late Spring in more ways than just the weather around here. 

This "pano photo" from my iPhone makes the room look huge and rounded, but it's not!  The goal was to simply get a picture of what it looks like looking out into the backyard.
And here is one of the reasons that the back deck area is now enclosed!

But don't feel too sorry for her.... her name is Sweetie and she is already my "office staff" downstairs in my office most of the week and every night!  Luckily when she is booted outside to "go play or hunt", she does have other furniture she can sit on!!  Good thing she's cute.......

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dining Updates

It's Spring time .. and that means projects around here.  Yes, I know.. you've heard it before.. "we're about done with projects", but alas.. we've lied.  What else would you rather be doing than reading about all the work we'll embark on.. and more money spent? 

The first project will be a large dining room hutch that will go on this wall.  The photo is horrible as it was taken with a phone and printed out, and then I took a picture of the printout for this blog post.  So.. it is a bit grainy, but you get the idea.  If you look close on the wall, you can see some painter's tape and this would represent the top corners of the hutch.

The idea is to make it look like a built-in.  Below are some ideas of design we're considering.  While we're at it, hey, why not paint the kitchen walls?  The yellow is getting a little old and tired for me, so that will be added to my list of things to do!

My goal is to eliminate the black in the dining area.  While black is a nice accent color, I'm just kind of over it and all it does in return, is show off every spec of dust in the house (granted, I abhor cleaning, but whatever).  By removing the black in the dining room, it will mean more work such as new curtains to make (or buy), re-paint the chairs or get different ones, and do something with the big black hutch in the corner, but I'm up for a challenge.

Another challenge is what color to paint the new dining room hutch?  Originally thinking "Beach Basket" which is the color of our trim (an ivory white color) throughout the house would be best, but  I'm now thinking of a "beachy blue". light teal, or something along those lines.  These colors would tie in to other rooms in the house, especially the adjoining living room.  Mmmm..... decisions, decisions.

It's been especially difficult finding someone to do this work, but thankfully one of Steve's builders is willing to "loan out" his finish carpenter to us.  We've had a few other leads than were dead-ends; and we would have had the same builder who remodeled our bathroom last Spring, but the owner is now in heaven (he found out he had cancer a few months after finishing our bathroom) and the company is now owned by someone else.  That is a whole other story... and such a very, very sad situation.  Do what you want and enjoy life (within reason), because you never know when God will call you home.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

30 Acres

OK, we're in Michigan... not Arizona... but it's still a cool picture!

The Mane Trail

Do you think it's time for a "blog update"?  It is beyond time!  Today, we are excited about the next upcoming project which is blazing trails through our newly acquired 30 acres that shares the East property line with our existing home and farm.  The area just to the left (West) of the yellow outline is our existing home, barns and pasture.  Now, we will have a total of 40 contiguous acres (our property does not go all the way to the road on the right.. that slice (North to South) is 10 acres that will be developed with houses.. boo). 

Yesterday, Steve and I walked through the property with orange ribbon and my handy "Horse Riding" app on my phone which tracks where you went on your ride, distance, duration, speed and average pace.  The distance we walked yesterday was 1.35 miles, so the yellow outline is about that long.  This will be the main trail (I think I'll name it the "Mane Trail"), which will be about 8' wide so that a horse-drawn wagon can take the route, as well as riding horses (and a tractor and brush hog).  There are other paths in this chunk of land, deer paths, and some wider trails, but our Mane Trail will need some dozer work!  Ironically, Steve mentioned this to our hay man and he had just bought a dozer last Fall.. so our hay man is happy to do the work... boys and their big toys!  But hey.. I'm not complaining!! 

Our goal is to keep all of the big trees, but clean out some of the brush to make the trails.  We will be adding more switchback-type trails for riding (or walking/dog-walking), but for now, it's getting the Mane Trail done.  We also need to keep other boundaries/property lines and wetlands in mind.  There will also be a straight-away with some jumps set up for riding.  This is a dream come true!  If I don't have to ride on the road, I will not because some people cannot be trusted driving today.  Some don't pay attention and some will go flying by you without slowing down, while others are courteous and patient.

This new project means cute signs to start thinking about! 

So for now, this is the newest project at the farm.  I'm sure there will be more.. and I know there are some I missed blogging about.  Maybe I'll have to do a "catch up" blog! 

Happy Trails!