Sunday, March 11, 2018

30 Acres

OK, we're in Michigan... not Arizona... but it's still a cool picture!

The Mane Trail

Do you think it's time for a "blog update"?  It is beyond time!  Today, we are excited about the next upcoming project which is blazing trails through our newly acquired 30 acres that shares the East property line with our existing home and farm.  The area just to the left (West) of the yellow outline is our existing home, barns and pasture.  Now, we will have a total of 40 contiguous acres (our property does not go all the way to the road on the right.. that slice (North to South) is 10 acres that will be developed with houses.. boo). 

Yesterday, Steve and I walked through the property with orange ribbon and my handy "Horse Riding" app on my phone which tracks where you went on your ride, distance, duration, speed and average pace.  The distance we walked yesterday was 1.35 miles, so the yellow outline is about that long.  This will be the main trail (I think I'll name it the "Mane Trail"), which will be about 8' wide so that a horse-drawn wagon can take the route, as well as riding horses (and a tractor and brush hog).  There are other paths in this chunk of land, deer paths, and some wider trails, but our Mane Trail will need some dozer work!  Ironically, Steve mentioned this to our hay man and he had just bought a dozer last Fall.. so our hay man is happy to do the work... boys and their big toys!  But hey.. I'm not complaining!! 

Our goal is to keep all of the big trees, but clean out some of the brush to make the trails.  We will be adding more switchback-type trails for riding (or walking/dog-walking), but for now, it's getting the Mane Trail done.  We also need to keep other boundaries/property lines and wetlands in mind.  There will also be a straight-away with some jumps set up for riding.  This is a dream come true!  If I don't have to ride on the road, I will not because some people cannot be trusted driving today.  Some don't pay attention and some will go flying by you without slowing down, while others are courteous and patient.

This new project means cute signs to start thinking about! 

So for now, this is the newest project at the farm.  I'm sure there will be more.. and I know there are some I missed blogging about.  Maybe I'll have to do a "catch up" blog! 

Happy Trails!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day 2017

It's the evening of Father's Day 2017.  Many of us had fond memories of our father and others were able to celebrate with their own Dad today.  For me, my Father passed away just a little over seven years ago and not a day goes by where he's not thought of.  Today, my husband (and father) celebrated with the kids at our house.  We were thankful that the rain was done (we have gotten just over 5" in the last few days) and we were able to enjoy the day together!   Our lawn and gardens are especially thankful since the poor lawn was quite brown and crunchy.

After the kids left and we had some relaxing (nap) time, I walked around and took a few pictures.

This year we are trying a couple new things with gardening.  Earlier in the Spring, I got an elevated garden bed and must admit... I'M HOOKED!  We have it on our back deck which faces South.. so it gets constant heat and sun in the summer.  There are no bugs and no weeds.. yes, this is a miracle.  I can simply step out of my slider, cut some lettuce or fresh herbs, and walk right back into the kitchen to rinse off and use in my cooking.  Love it!

Planted are a couple of peppers, basil, cilantro, chives, spinach and lettuce.  Yes, kitty food and water under the planter keep the pests away!  ha

Sweet Basil
We also hooked up a drip irrigation system with a timer.. this too is an absolute marvel!  I've become a very "lazy" gardener!  But then again.. pulling weeds can be back-breaking work and I've never been a fan.

Everything is very healthy and delicious in our new raised bed.
 I also decided to try a few tomatoes in patio pots.  Oh my.. once again, I'm hooked.  I don't think I've ever had tomatoes this healthy and amazing.  Again, no weeds and full sun.

Kind of hard to decipher between the tomatoes and the crazy Tamarac tree in the background.  We call it the "Dr. Suess" tree.

Four different varieties of tomatoes.. from Heirloom Rainbow to Grape and Cherry tomatoes.
Here is a fun fact.  We have 11 Clematis' growing on our property.  And they're all doing pretty good.    This deep purple Jackmanii is planted on the South side of the garage and reminds me of the Clematis my Mom used to have at our back door.. but hers had even more flowers on it.  Those beautiful memories of our childhood (if you're lucky enough to have good memories) sure mold us for the adults we become.

Our garden shed lost a few Clematis flowers from all the rain and wind we've had.. but it is certainly becoming covered in flowering vines.  We have three Clematis' growing on the garden shed in addition to Honeysuckle which should be blossoming any day.  Soon, I'll be deeply inhaling the wafting scent of Honeysuckle in the air as I head out to the barn for morning chores.  Quiet mornings outside are my favorite time of day... before the busyness and hustle of the day begins.

Two different Clematis plants growing on the North & West sides of the garden shed.. with an old bird house nestled in between that my Dad made years ago.

Can one ever get enough Clematis' ?

Crazy Yucca!  Looks like one of those snakes that dances/comes alive to music.
Walking out toward the barn is another Clematis.. growing on the side of the hay barn.  We must beautify everything!

Walking past the barns and heading toward the horse pastures.. even the wild daisies seem happy tonight.

Here comes the two "big boys".. Donner on the left and Storm on the right.  Aren't they simply beautiful?  I'm in such awe of God's creations.

I must admit.. I like *Big Butts* !  Storm is nothing but muscle... and riding him can be an amazing experience feeling the adrenalin, power and strength he has all awhile keeping him contained with a set of reins (most of the time.. ).

Happy Trails.. and Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Bathroom Reveal

Better late than never.. right?  RIGHT?!  Okay, well we absolutely love our bathroom now and are so very happy we put up with the mess (easy to say now).  It's now spacious and considerably EASIER to clean!  Matter of fact, it's ridiculously easy to clean and we love that.  💓

We removed no walls but it sure is bigger!  The soaking tub was absolutely huge and took up a significant amount of space.  In addition, it was all square tiles (great for collecting dust in the grout lines) and we never used it.  If we want to soak, we go outside to our hot tub or upstairs to the 2nd floor bathroom.. so it made all the sense for us to remove it.  We lightened the walls with a Benjamin Moore paint called "Vanilla Milkshake".  It is a shade of white that matches very well with the "greige tile" and the gray cabinets.  Normally, I have very light silver/gray rugs in the bathroom and white hand towels, but they're all dirty from the flooring project that we recently had.

The shower is just a huge improvement as well!  No more gross brass channels for gunk to get stuck in .. and impossible to get out.  Mold and mildew are gone and the shower is SO EASY to clean.  We do want to get a curtain tie back holder for the shower curtain.. but just one of those things that I've not done yet.  Speaking of shower curtain.. this was suppose to be an open walk-in shower.  Unfortunately the water did splash out toward the window sill so we thought a nice white shower curtain would fit the bill.  Photo below looks like the door doesn't match, but doesn't look like this in real life.. must be the camera's lighting.

On the wall where the old sink was is now replaced with cabinets!  And we have so much storage now... I keep my bed sheets in there as well as towels, rugs, and toiletries.  We even have room behind some of those doors that isn't being used (yet)!

Our dear Maggie was a bit tired.. and didn't feel the need to move.  We love her so much and will treasure this photos of her some day.  This is one of her favorite spots to lay down and sleep... nice cold tile floor! 💕💕💕